Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

Today, we began thinking about our own passions and worries.  We also began watching a few TED videos.  We watched part of "Mathmagic", "Life in the Deep Oceans", and "A Teen Just Trying to Figure It Out".  We noticed that some TED talks are about a subject that the speaker is an expert in.  Some TED talks are to inspire people and change the way they view something in our world.

Which talk(s) did you connect with the most? Why? (Or why did you not appreciate a certain talk?) What are you thinking after watching a few of these?

Here is the link to 10 TED talks for kids.


  1. Well….. One of the videos that really inspired me was “A teen just trying to figure it out”. Lots of people watch these television shows, and the “teen” saw that the younger girls were not being treated equal.

    What I want to chose to talk about in TED is something like this video. My talk is going to be about something that you might see every day, and see the problem.


  2. I liked how the magic of truth lies and iPod noticed a problem and didn't just tell you he used magic to convinced you. Also why I liked it was because it had l lots of magic tricks

  3. I think that doing TED-ED would be pretty fun but also I think I will have stage fright. I also think that the mathamagic talk was pretty awesome. I think that the mathamagic was really took a lot of perseverance. I think that the person up there was trying to show his mathamagic and trying to enter stand up. That is why I think that is my favorite speech

  4. The talk(s) I connected with the most were "The Magic of Truth,Lies,and iPods." I connected with this talk because the man used three normal iPods, not even programmed.

  5. I liked when the magic of truth lies or i pods used the phone for tricks. He turned a picture of a butterfly into a real butterfly.

  6. My favorite TED talk was Tavi Gevinson a teen just trying to figure it out. I really like this one because I agree with everything she said. Women superheroes are not as strong as men, women in movies and TV shows are shown as being girly and weak. I agree, Women are not even close to being as good as the men in movies, even though, sometimes we can be better than men.